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Fundamentals of Educational Technology

Summer Institute 1

EDTC 801


Initial summer seminar for incoming doctoral cohort candidates. Foundation course outlines the expectations of the program. Introduction to the program's mission of preparing effective leaders for the 21st Century. 

A collaborative website created by all members of Cohort 5. The website features pictures and stories of each member. 

This document describes my contributions to the creation of the website.

NOTE: PGP UPDATED, CLICK HERE.      For this assignment, I created my Professional Plan Growth. This is an ongoing document that will be tweaked during my 3 years as part of this doctorate program.

A professional website to showcase my professional research projects and presentations.

Main focuses are the concepts and strategies for an educational technology leader.  Topics addressed are strategic planning, leadership styles, and issues on policies in educational technology.

Principles of Educational Technology Leadership

EDTC 802

Manny & I created and presented a presentation highlighting key points on Servant Leadership.

This proposal details and justifies the use of robotics and technology in a middle school classroom.

This paper reviews resources in infusing Blended Learning in an Intermediate Classroom.

This course investigates educational technology from a global perspective.  The issues covered will include development strategies, diversity, cultural values, and the systemic role educational technology plays in global economic development.  The course will focus on a cross-cultural examination of contemporary academic and workplace skills.

Global Issues in Educational Technology Leadership

EDTC 804

Karen, Jeannette, Susan, and I created an International course incorporating global cultural issues using a methodology of digital storytelling. This course is designed to help students explore influences on identity through the examination of Chinese and American cultures.

In this project, an interactive map was created covering many global education issues. My focus was on Robotics and the strongholds in education. 

In this project, I explored the many literature resources regarding an aspect of global education. I chose to focus my literature review on the Robotics and Its’ Infusion in Global Education.

Teaching in Adult Learning Environment

EDTC 812

The main focus of this course emphasizes teaching in post-secondary learning environments including the workplace and corporate settings. A few if the relevant topics include learning theories applied to the adult learner; distinctions of post-secondary learning environments; delivering instruction in non-traditional settings and time frames; and assessing adult learning.

A Proposal for Monsanto: Corporate Training for New Employees for Using Technologies Appropriately. This is a group project involving Doug, Susan and I.

Proposed Blended Learning Robotics Introductory Course for undergraduates at a higher level institution. 

Advanced Using Integrated Software Across the Curriculum

EDTC 813

This course examines the patterns of traditional use, current issues, and emergent trends of digital technology in learning, and develop an expertise to function as entrepreneurs in establishing new products or services. Also to assess integration strategies that support and enhance educational experiences across a diverse array of learners and analyze the professional development and training initiatives in technology for relevant stakeholders.

This project was introduced by an interactive team building assignment off campus at an Escape Room. Next stage was to invented and describe your own escape room. I really enjoyed this project.  My escape room is entitled: "Escape the Evil Powers of a Mad Scientist" and includes design thinking elements and rationale for implementation in education. 

Escape Room Munn copy.jpg

This is project combines team members, Doug, Linda, Susan, and I examining a district's technology plan in relation to the six C's of Bers.

systems thinking.jpeg

This is project combines team members, Doug, Linda, Susan, and I creating a Blended Learning field guide for students participating in clinical training.

Connecting the Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge and Blended by Michael Horn & Heather Staker in a "Pecha Kucha".

Administration and Supervision of Technology in Educational Settings

EDTC 815


In this course, areas to be covered include the development and implementation of technology infrastructure, procedures, policies, plans, and budgets for schools and organizations at an advanced level. In addition, the course drive will prepare students who would like to lead education and training organizations in improving teaching and learning through the scientifically sound application of educational technology.

This is a group project based on the administration and supervision of a Planned Growth Program for Hillsborough Public Schools. Group members are Terri, Manny, Emily, and I.

This is a group project, detailing the job qualifications for the hiring of three Technology Coordinators for Hillsborough Public Schools. Group members are Terri, Manny, Emily, and I.


This is a group project in which we created a hypothetical school district's long-term technology plan to increase district mathematics scores. Group members are Dan and I.

This is a group project in which we created a hypothetical school district's long-term technology plan by the three Technology Coordinators to facilitate a Professional Development Series of workshops for LMS. Group members are Dan and I.

NOTE: This paper's finding will be presented at the Global Learn Summit, 2019.

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