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Theory & Practice

Cross-Discipline Studies in Technology

EDTC 805

This course explores and investigates emerging technologies in an advancement mannerism which incorporate the education learning environment. The key is for learners to search out, understand and expand the evolving technology education system. I additional, innovation and investigation are keys which open up and create leadership practices and skills revolving around the disciplines in educational organizations. In turn, should be crossed in all areas that involve education and the use of emerging technologies.

This assessment was a group project in which Edith, Emily, and I researched and assessed the technology fields of Computational Thinking, Robotics & Coding. The team created a Prezi, which presented in an interactive medium the strengths and limitations, overview and history, current trends, and provided suggestions for future use in global education.


This assessment was to write a white paper, a paper to help readers make informed decisions about issues or problems, on an emerging technology. My paper topic is "Girls Discovering STEM/STEAM Early in Life.

I created a Tech Tools Theme Park to reach all teachers, staff, and administration who are new or have been with the district for years. This toolbox is filled with new technology tidbits that will not only enhance classroom lessons but can be very useful in district presentations.

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Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum

EDTC 807

This course will provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the landscape of implementation and evaluation of educational technology programs. The philosophies, methods, and processes of curriculum design in educational technology will provide the framework for curricular models; resources for decision-making; and evaluation methods for educational and corporate settings.

This paper involves understanding the curriculum struggles in the Late 19th & Early 20th Century

This paper is a comparison of E.D. Hirsch's Conservative viewpoints of education with the Progressive viewpoint of John Dewey. 

Along the lines of robotics and its place in the education classroom, this paper includes the history, context, and purpose for implementation and utilization of robotics program in the education system.  

This project was fun in which I was able to write a curriculum unit based on the implementation of a robotics education program which I am currently working in for the fifth grade. Included are rationale, lesson plans, and directives for classroom usage.

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Summer Institute II

EDTC 808

This course is the second in series of three innovative and engaging summer session on the campus of NJCU.  Along with the first session, this second one continues the development of leadership and professionalism in presenting various original work to a much wider audience. Included is a working professional portfolio.

presentation summerinstitute II carnahan
presentation summerinstitute II carnahan

This is my reflection of the steps I have taken to transform into a leader in the field of Educational Technology. This paper is a working document, which contains additional steps that I will be taking to travel further into the second year in this field.

This examination of job openings in higher education, K-12 education, and the corporate sector allowed me to reflect on what I want to do with my doctoral degree. An action plan was developed to address deficiencies in my qualifications.

For this assignment, I have updated my Professional Growth Plan. This document was tweaked to reflect accomplishments and further plan out the upcoming years in this doctorate program.

For this assignment, I have updated this website as my journey continues through the landscape in this doctorate program.

Advanced Effective Models of E-Learning

EDTC 814

E-Learning and the integration of emerging technology are the focal points in this advanced level course. This course deeps deeper into the concepts, strategies and leadership skills involved technology applications. Through different methods of delivery of instruction design to learning outcome strategies, this course will incorporate advanced concepts of using multimedia and/or multiple modalities. Exploration of the curriculum structures and applications within the field of educational technology.


A fun and interactive hands-on activity consisted of team building, communication skills, along with the demonstration of leadership skills in an online environment.


This project revolved around two higher education case studies which I had to dissect and create a case for certain actions to be taken by the administration of the university.

This project is an exploration on establishing my leadership vision in relation to a flipped classroom blended learning model for robotics education in a fifth grade classroom.

Advanced Methods for Building On-line Communities

EDTC 816

The course is a guide to the different roles as online community researchers, designers, managers, and users. It will introduce important concepts, terms, and theories about online communities. A better understanding of how social science research can help design interaction spaces that encourage community building.

Webliography of online communities with emphasis on Robotics, Storytelling, and Coding within an intermediate classroom.

Doug, Susan and I completed an analysis of an online community - LINCS. 

This project combines all aspects of creating and maintaining an online community with topic focus on Computational Thinking.


Advanced Developing and Managing Distance Learning Programs

EDTC 817

Delivering high-quality distance learning programs requires innovation in program development and delivery. In this course, students will analyze the relevant issues impacting distance education and incorporate an understanding of the historical and current evolution of distance learning into a vision for the future. Students will explore industry best practices in planning, launching, maintaining, and coordinating distance education programs.

Group Project members, Manny, Denise, Terri, Adnan & I  created a prototype of a K-12 school.  You can either elect to create a fully online school or a branch of a traditional district that delivers entirely online content.

Literature review involving robotics education and the blended learning design methodology.

Proposed needs analysis involving robotics education and the blended learning design methodology for undergraduates attending higher education institutions.

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