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ISTE STEM October 2019 featured educator

Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn.  Keep on going.        

-Carol Dweck


     My work as a Technology and after-school Enrichment teacher over the last eighteen years has been dedicated to inspiring children to believe that they can be successful and to not give up to reach their dream or goals. Technology and a positive mindset can are leveling the playing field in education. My passion revolves around exploring the exciting world of new technologies and then passing on that knowledge to students as well as the teaching staff. Every day there are fresh and innovative technologies, both in hardware and software that beg to be explored and I am now eager to expand my current knowledge base and prepare for a leadership role. My ultimate goal is to have the ability to turnkey my new learnings to influence a standard curriculum and also further revolutionize diverse learning systems


     Teaching and integrating current new technologies with our District’s core curriculum units are my strengths. Current skills to achieve this focus on implementing the methodology in real-world problem-based learning, Responsive Classroom, cooperative learning groups, performance assessments and differentiated instruction. I am actively involved at Eisenhower within MARE (Marine Activities Resources and Education) program sponsored through the alliance with Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve and Rutgers University. Our school’s theme is Ocean Science and as one of the original MARE, team members integrate many ocean-based activities for the children.  


     Although my career began in the fashion industry, in 2003, I joined the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional school district as a part-time technology teacher at Eisenhower Intermediate School. Responsibilities included teaching a multitude of software programs with the emphasis on core curriculum disciplines in the fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade levels servicing approximately 800 students a year. I earned a promotion to a full-time technology education teacher, specializing in LEGO Robotics, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) curriculum, and web-based applications. My responsibilities include expert knowledge in the specialized software for both disciplines and writing the “new” technology curriculum for the fifth and sixth grade. As a Robotics Team Advisor and innovative developer, I have created and implemented high tech STEM courses for the district at various levels. A goal through this cohort would be to develop engaging, constructive and ideal learning opportunities to help improve student learning in the “web-based” evolving technology-based modules. 


My mission is to be a valuable leader in this field and to successfully guide,

enrich and share the future of emerging technologies in any level of education.  


TEAM summer retreat

Liberty Science center visitS IKE with touch tanks

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